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The Story:

You have received a very unexpected letter from a law office, informing you of the recent demise of a certain miss Elke Drusselmeyer. You’ve never heard of her before, but it seems she was a very distant relative of yours and the great grand-daughter of the infamous Heinrich Drusselmeyer – one of Germany’s most prolific steampunk inventors.

With no other living relatives, it seems you have inherited the Drusselmeyer’s fortune, along with a very mysterious list of instructions regarding the inventor’s hidden workshop. Curious about your inheritance, you decide to take a trip to Germany in pursuit of the hidden workshop.
Covered in mystery, this place is rumored to enclose weird inventions, eccentric steam machines and what seems like an attempt to build a… time machine.

But nothing and no one really prepared you for what your were about to find…

You should know:

  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by at least one adult throughout the whole game.

Game Details:

Price: 40 LEI / pers


100 LEI

the game