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Escape Rooms made with passion

We are not just game creators. We’re first and foremost players.
Players that are truly passionate about the Escape Room phenomenon.

That’s why we put a lot of passion, attention to details and dedication in every single game we create. Décor, special effects, automation, intrigue and suspenseful missions: each element is carefully planned and executed to immerse you in a fantastic world, where everything seems (and sometimes really is) as authentic as possible.

Forget about the real world for an hour! Grab your friends, colleagues or family and begin a wonderful adventure, full of mistery, suspense and adrenalin. Whether you choose to travel through time in Steampunk Chronicles, save the world from doom in Virus 2.0 or have an epic night of fun in Hangover, we can guarantee you a unique and extremely memorable experience!

The TROLL Escape Room Games

100% automated, full of special effects, the game will send you back in time, in the late 1800s, in the Steampunk era.
The game difficulty is high, but it is designed to offer a great experience to both beginners and advanced players.
Atmosphere & Theme: Steampunk, Fantasy, Time Travel.



An escape room in a BOX, dedicated to experienced players (medium to high difficulty). All game components are inside the box. However, the game takes place in a dedicated room, with adequate decor and mood.
Atmosphere & Theme: Modern, Museum Heist, Ocean’s Eleven.



An experience dedicated to players who welcome a challenge, Virus 2.0 is your chance to become real heroes, in charge of saving humanity from doom.
The lethal virus has already been spread and will kill everyone in one hour!
Atmosphere & Theme: Pandemic, SciFi, Laboratory.



When / with who can you play an Escape Room?

Fancy a memorable experience that you can share with your
Then grab your mates, choose your adventure and start your adrenalin & fun-filled experience!

Choose the perfect activity for your free time together with your
Escape Room challenges help develop analytical thinking and problem solving skills!

Are you searching for a different, more entertaining idea for a
You and your colleagues will work together as a team and see how you perform under pressure!

Is your birthday coming up soon? Surprise your guests with a unique
idea! Contact us if you have any questions, need more details and for special deals!

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our games are developed in English, but some of them are available in Romanian as well. Make sure you check the details of each game.

The minimum number of players is 2, because escape rooms are team games. The maximum recommended number is 6.

Yes, of course! Escape room vouchers make wonderful and unique gifts. Send us an e-mail, give us a call or write to us on Facebook for more details.

First, we would really appreciate it if you would arrive on time! However, if you are late, please let us know as soon as possible. You may be able to play the game if it doesn’t affect the following reservations. 

Definitely NOT! Taking photos or videos of the game is strictly prohibited! We want all of our players to beneficiate from the element of surprise and avoid any type of spoilers. You will be able to take photos at the end, in a specially designed environment.

Generally, escape rooms can be played by anyone, regardless of age. However, all of our games have a certain complexity level and children under 12 will find it extremely difficult to solve any puzzles. Also, some of our games feature fragile and breakable components, so children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. copiilor sub vârsta de 12 ani le va fi greu să contribuie la efortul echipei. De asemenea, datorită faptului că unele dintre elemente pot fi fragile, pentru jucătorii mai mici de 14 ani, este STRICT necesară prezența a cel puțin un adult în cameră în timpul jocului.

Yes. All of our games are available strictly via reservation. Each game lasts for 60 minutes, but we allow 10 minutes before the game for briefing and 5-10 minutes after the game for feedback and photos. Moreover, our team needs a few minutes to reset the game for the next players

All of the above can only be ensured if we know exactly how many players we should expect each day.

If for any reason you wish to cancel a reservation, please let us know at least 3 hours prior to the start time, via phone (0770 863 122), e-mail or by replying to the booking confirmation e-mail you received in your inbox.

Certainly. We accept VISA & MASTERCARD or cash.

Of course. If for any reason you wish to leave the game before the end, you can simply open the door and step out. For safety reasons and due to Romanian regulations, doors are not locked during the game. Moreover, we monitor the entire game via surveillance cameras (no, we do not record anything!) to make sure everyone is perfectly safe.

The 10 Rules of Escape Rooms

for a memorable experience

Book your game!

Use the calendar in the Bookings section to choose your preferred time and date.

Be here on time!

It's never fun to wait for your friends when they are late, is it? Try not to do it yourself either!

The team size

is ideally 3-4 players, in our opinion. For a team of 2 is nice, but it might get a little hard, while 7 is kind of chaotic.

Find the logic!

We guarantee that all puzzles have a logical solution! Nothing is there by accident.

Be a team player!

Ask your team mates what they found and share your info with them. The clues are connected!

Do not use force!

The golden rule of escape games is NO PHYSICAL FORCE! Use ONLY your brain muscles this time!

Forget the phone!

It's not going to help you. All the info you need to solve the game is right there, in the game area.

Live the moment!

Please do not take any photos, record or stream any videos throughout the game.

Don't try guessing!

You will lose too much time doing it and also, it's not as fun as logical deduction, right Watson?


înainte de toate! 🙂