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The Story:

It's the year 1995. Dr. Karl Friedmann is head of the Virusology department at the TriOptimum research institute. After some failures in his career, the board of the institute finally decided to dismiss him. Hearing the news, dr. Friedmann came up with an evil plan to recover his job: he created a deadly virus and spread it all over the world so that, after a while, he would release the antidote himself and pose as the savior of humanity.

However, due to an accident, the plan went wrong in an instant. The doctor got infected with his own virus and died before he could release the antidote.

Now, things aren't looking well. Every last person on the planet is infected and the virus will become active in an hour and start killing people. The antidote is still in the late doctor's lab. You need to enter the doctor's lab, retrieve the antidote and get out of there in time to save yourself and everyone else on planet Earth, otherwise we're all doomed!

You should know:

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by at least one adult throughout the whole game.

Game Details:

Price: 40 LEI / pers


80 LEI

the game