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The Story:

Paris, January 18th 2010.
The Louvre Museum is hosting several famous exhibitions, including the incredibly valuable collection of lost (and recently found) jewels belonging to the Romanoff Dynasty.

Oleg Ivanov, one of the most skilled and infamous contemporary thieves, is planning to steal the collection with the help of his most trusted crew: you! But after careful planning and long surveillance hours, Oleg is arrested and imprisoned for a stupid signature forgery.
The news left you shocked and perplexed. In the absence of your leader, your entire plan is at risk. Today is the last day of the exhibition and very soon the entire collection will be moved back into the bulletproof Kremlin safe.

Do you have what it takes to execute this heist without your leader? Or will you join him at the La Sante Prison?


You should know:

  • This is an escape game in a box! All game components are inside the box, but the game takes place in a dedicated room, with adequate decor and mood.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by at least one adult throughout the whole game.

Game Details:

Preț: 50 LEI / pers



the game