What would you do if you were humanity's only chance of survival? Would you find the strength to step into the laboratory of the mad doctor who infected the entire planet's population with a deadly virus, bypass all the security systems in place and find the antidote, before the virus kills you? After years and years of research and unsuccessful experiments, Karl Friedmann, doctor in virusology, one of the most gifted virusologists of his time, found out that the government has withdrawn his research funding and his laboratory has been shut down. During an strike of fury, dr. Friedmann came up with an evil plan: he decided to secretly synthesize a deadly virus and use it to infect the entire planet's population; then he planned to offer the antidote to the world, hoping that everyone will see him as a hero and allow him to continue his research. But as a result of his negligence, he came in contact with the virus, got infected himself and died before he had a chance to self-administer the antidote. Currently, the humanity is in mortal danger and the only salvation is locked inside dr. Friedmann laboratory. You and your team are the only hope of bypassing all the security systems the doctor had installed, recover the antidote and save what is left of humankind!

Number of persons per team: 2-5 Book now!