Friends & Family

Are you looking to spend an hour of fun and entertaining activities together with your friends and family? Are you searching for something to do that would appeal to you, as well as to your close friends? At TROLL, you'll find the perfect recipe for an hour of outstanding fun and entertainment, solving puzzles and riddles and using team work to find your way out of the game room before the 60-minutes time limit.

Gaming enthusiasts

Are you bored of old games? Are you always on the lookout for those new and captivating games that keep you so connected that you just can't let them go? TROLL offers the next level, the real-life escape game, where you can put your wits to the test in a real-life game room.


Do you feel like you've had enough of class excercises and homeworks? Are you searching for a captivating activity for you and your class mates? TROLL will put your mind to the test with a clever and exceptionally addictive game.


Today is your birthday? Happy anniversary! Take your friends and bring them to the Trolls! You'll play our game for free and your friends will have an outstanding team-work experience - the perfect recipe for a birthday party that you'll never forget!